Monthly Archives: April 2008

Converting OpenOffice documents to unicode, looking for RPM packager and a person responsible of the Fedora repository

Now there’s a way to convert native ODF documents, thanks to HanoiLUG volunteer JC you can now convert document from ABC and VNI font to unicode. It’s still a command line tool, but it is very easy to use. More information on here

If you are a Ubuntu user you can get it by using hanoilug repository.

We are looking for someone to package it for Fedora and other distribution. It would also be nice to have someone who can take care of the Fedora repository.

The Virror coming of age er … almost … well, no not yet.

We worked again on the Intel donated server last saturday. In fact we didn’t work that much but we got the following working :

– Traffic shaping with wondershaper, well it’s ain’t big success so far we have to get better control over what we can do with it.
– The script that will enable rsync and wget to download repositories of Ubuntu, Fedora and Debian

And we ate pizza too..

Hanoilug’s Dinner Party

It has been a long time since we did’nt meet together isn’t it?Some of us are so busy that we keep forgetting how good it is to get together, have fun, eat  drink and discuss various things.So let’s get together for a dinner party on Friday 11th July 2008 at 7 p.m. !The place : 1946’s restaurant, 3 Ngo Yên Thành, Cua Bac street (in the old quarter of Hanoi). Hanoilug member or not, if you’d like to join, email the list at lists (@),

working on the virror (vietnam Mirror)

Some hanoilug members gathered last Saturday to work on the Server Donated by intel. This server is supposed to become an official mirror for linux repositories for vietnam.

For now it is called “virror” (vietnam Mirror)

We have the base install, some virtual servers, the basic internal networking, the next step is finish the syncing, do the traffic shaping then the put the box at Netnam, who is kindly donating the bandwidth and the place to host it

For the record the machine spec are :

  • 2*Quad-core Intel Xeon Processor E5335 (2*4MB L2, 2.0GHz, 1333MHz FSB)
  • MB Intel S5000VSA4DIMM
  • 5*250GB SATA
  • 2*1GB FBDIMM DDR2 533MHz ECC

Hands on Ubuntu LTSP at CNF

LTSP stands for the Linux Terminal Server project. It is a technology which ables several users to work on a same computer (the LTSP server) through connected terminal clients (the LTSP network). Similar technologies (requesting special equipment hardware) exist in the Windows environment, but LTSP under GNU/Linux makes it very cost effective as no special hardware is necessary other than ordinary network components.

After nearly one year of an experimental LTSP deployment, involving one Core 2 Quad (4 GB RAM) server installed with Ubuntu 8.04 serving up to 16 terminal clients, the Campus numérique francophone of Hanoi is launching its first hands-on LTSP short training course (in Vietnamese) on saturday 18th April 2009 (see details in Vietnamese here).

This first course of 3.5 hours should be sufficient for providing GNU/Linux users the ease of installing themselves a small LTSP network for their own purpose afterwards.

The LTSP technology, associated with Ubuntu, makes it an user-friendly experience, even for GNU/Linux beginners (not complete beginners though, but who are at ease with using computers), allowing them to recycle old computers for e.g. building up an internet-connected network in small libraries, associations, at home, etc.