Hands on Ubuntu LTSP at CNF

LTSP stands for the Linux Terminal Server project. It is a technology which ables several users to work on a same computer (the LTSP server) through connected terminal clients (the LTSP network). Similar technologies (requesting special equipment hardware) exist in the Windows environment, but LTSP under GNU/Linux makes it very cost effective as no special hardware is necessary other than ordinary network components.

After nearly one year of an experimental LTSP deployment, involving one Core 2 Quad (4 GB RAM) server installed with Ubuntu 8.04 serving up to 16 terminal clients, the Campus numérique francophone of Hanoi is launching its first hands-on LTSP short training course (in Vietnamese) on saturday 18th April 2009 (see details in Vietnamese here).

This first course of 3.5 hours should be sufficient for providing GNU/Linux users the ease of installing themselves a small LTSP network for their own purpose afterwards.

The LTSP technology, associated with Ubuntu, makes it an user-friendly experience, even for GNU/Linux beginners (not complete beginners though, but who are at ease with using computers), allowing them to recycle old computers for e.g. building up an internet-connected network in small libraries, associations, at home, etc.

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