Serious stuff ahead – HanoiLUG meetings this Friday and Saturday

We did work last friday, but probably not enough :

We need to get up to speed for many reason, because Mr Quynh is in Field trip during one week also because we are still behind for many things.

Friday at the linux Café 120 đường Vạn Phúc 18h00-20h00 we will work on the remaining small things related to content (programme flier, etc) Can’t find the place, call David (0912474995)

Cuộc họp sẽ thực hiện tại Trung tâm CNF-AUF lúc 14g ngày mai (thứ bảy 1/09), Nhà D, Ngõ 42 Tạ Quang Bửu (ĐT: 868.48.85).

Mong sẽ gặp lại các bạn có dành được ít thời gian.

English summary:
We will have a preparation meeting for the SFD 2007 event to-morrow, sat. 1/09, 2 pm, at CNF (IFI, ngo 42 Ta Quang Buu). The whole SFD 2007 day’s scenario will be reviewed step by step.

people concerned are welcomed Nhà D, Ngõ 42 Tạ Quang Bửu, Quận Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội

Can’t find the place call Quynh (04-868.48.85)

Next meeting for the Hanoi LUG

We’re please to renew with our normal routine with our june meeting

When : June 30 at 14h00 PM (Sorry for those who can’t come on saturday but we will think about finding a solution for you)

Where : The CNF of AUF Nhà D, Ngõ 42 Tạ Quang Bửu)

Evening discussions between INTEL Open Source Technology Center and the Hanoi Free And Open source Community

This evening has been triggered by the INTEL Open Source Technology Center who wants to meet Linux and open source communities during their visit in vietnam between the 11 to 14 June. They are going to share their time between Hanoi and HCMC . IFI is hosting the event and the Hanoi Linux User Group is facilitating and have invited some actors to present real world accomplishment of the Free and Open Source software Community of Hanoi. Programme and other information
When : June 11 at 17h30 PM

Where : The amphitheater of IFI 42 Ta Quang Buu

How to get there :

1. Enter the Lane 42 on Ta Quang Buu by going through the iron gate of the « Nhà luyện tập và thi đấu » (Bach Khoa Gymnasium)

2. Get through the IFI gate, about 100 m on the left in the Lane 42. Eventually push the gate if it looks closed.

3. Follow the indications

Next meeting for the Hanoi LUG

This Hanoi LUG meeting will take place at the lab of the AUF (Agence universitaire de la Francophonie), Ngo 42 Ta Quang Buu (inside the IFI – Institut de la Francophonie pour l’informatique) in Hanoi

date and time : March 24 at 14h00

For any information about the meetings of HanoiLUG, you may phone M. Quynh (04-868.48.85) or email him ( at

Hanoi Linux User Group Last Party of the Dog Year

Why not close a very good year by throwing a party and come to enjoy some good food and fresh beer, there’s so many thing we can talk about ! When you arrive on the place just follow Tux the penguin to find the group. You don’t even need to be a geek, just an interesting person is enough

where : Hai Xom, 23 Nguyen Dinh Chieu (tel: 943.88.08)
when : friday 9th february 2007
what time : 18h30

Young French student looking for training (2 months, summer 2007)

Miss Cécile Fanton D’Andon is a student in Economics and statistics, first year of the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique (ENSAE), Paris (France).

She contacted me in looking for a two months training period this summer, in order to enlarge her work experience. She wrote :

« Currrently stuying economics and statistics in Paris, I’m looking for a two months training period this summer, in order to enlarge my work experience.

During my studies, and trips in the past years, I’ve developed a deep interest in Asiatic culture, and I’m planning to specialize into the study of the specificities and the issues whith which this area is economically confronted.

That’s why It would be of a great interest for me to be offered a training period in a firme or an association in Vietnam.

I speak both French and English, have many computer skills,and I’m a highly motivated person. I’m mostly looking for a training period linked with my current studies,yet I’m open to any work proposal.

Looking forward to your responses, I’m at your disposal for any further informations. »

If you know of any possibilities, you may contact her directly or forward this information to whom might be interested. Her short CV is attached here as a PDF file and you will find in all the necessary information to contact her.


A successful course on Linux for beginners

Saturday 16th December, HanoiLug volunteers LeRoy Duvall and Lê Xuân Thảo trained 13 Vietnamese participants to install Linux during a full day, at the CNF-AUF.

Ubuntu 6.06.1 LTS, Desktop edition, customized for Vietnam by JC André, has been used for demonstration during the Linux crash course. A Vietnamese translation of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide was given to the participants, as well as two CDs including the one cited for demonstration and Ubuntu 6.10 alternate CD.
Among the 13 participants, 4 had never used Linux and 9 had never tried to install Linux before the course. All but one have their own computer at home.
All successfully installed Ubuntu on the computers provided by CNF-AUF. After the course, all of them declared capable to install Linux by themselves and wanted to learn more about using Linux with computers.